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RiverBend Movers is a professional Moving Company, ensuring your possessions are Relocated safely and securely from Point A to Point B., whether is from one house in Winnipeg to another in Winnipeg, or from a house in Winnipeg to Toronto, or Vancouver, or to anywhere.

We are one of the top Relocation companies in Winnipeg. We belong to a network of companies affiliated with Great Canadian Van Lines. Every long distance moves we do we register with Great Canadian Van Lines.  (G.C.V.L.). What happens next is they will monitor every long distance happening that are booked with the 35 Canadian offices and are trying to get full loads from Point A to Point B to Pont C. etc. This ensures everyone on the 53 foot semi trailer shares in the cost of the truck the fuel, the driver, etc. Long distance moves are a little more complicated than local moves, but once again, this is what we do.

By the time your move has been completed, about 20 trained professional movers and office staff have had a part in your move. So RiverBend Movers can book your move to anywhere in Canada, and we can just as easily book your move to Winnipeg.

Moving is Our Business, so call us for any Long distance move enquiry.

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