Winnipeg Moving Company

Riverbend Moving and Storage is known for our professional moving services and exceptional customer service. We are always able to exceed your expectations with our wide range of services and products. Our headoffice is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and we also have an office located in Selkirk, Manitoba. Whether you are looking for local movers or international movers, Riverbend Moving and Storage can meet and exceed your expectations.

We are Winnipeg's premium moving and shipping company. We ship local, rural, national and international. If you can’t take everything with you we offer storage units to fit your needs.

We understand moving is stressful so we created this helpful checklist to make sure all your belongings end up exactly where you want them to be, with you.

Four to Six Weeks Prior

  • Arrange for important school, medical, government, financial and legal records and bills to be transferred to your new home on your new possession date as well as notify Canada Post
  • Decide what you want to take to your new home, what you want to throw out, and what you want to donate to charity or sell
  • Schedule a moving company for your move
  • Pick up boxes and packing supplies and begin packing least used items
  • Repair minor damages to home
  • Start consuming all frozen foods

Two to Three Weeks Prior

  • Get back any items you have lent out (and give back borrowed items). Pick up any items that are being repaired
  • Arrange to disconnect and reconnect utilities, phone, cable and internet
  • If you are moving into or out of an apartment or condo, make arrangements to book the elevator and get specific moving instructions and provide to the moving company

One week prior

  • Start packing suitcases and basic essentials; make sure valuable documents, currency, and jewelry are in a safe and easily accessible place
  • Drain garden hoses, lawn mowers, and other machinery
  • Clean fridge, stove and other appliances and deep clean the rest of the house
  • Make sure all warranties, guarantees, instructions or manuals for any appliances or mechanicals for the house or yard are left for the new owner
  • Contact your insurance company to make the necessary changes
  • Set aside and label your 'Do Not Load' boxes that you will be moving with you in your vehicle
  • Make sure all important papers, keys, and medications are available
  • Arrange pet care and confirm child care if needed

Moving Day or 1 Day Before

  • Make sure utilities are connected at new home, and disconnected at the old one
  • Confirm arrangements with moving company and give phone number where you can be reached on moving day
  • Arrange place to pick up new keys
  • Have basic necessities on hand such as toilet paper, cleaning supplies, snacks, drinks, light bulbs, flashlight etc.
  • Double check the rooms, closets, cupboards, shelves, outdoor areas (such as sheds) and the garage
  • Make a final wipe down and vacuuming of floors and other heavily used areas such as the bathroom and kitchen
  • Lock all windows and doors
  • Make sure you have all important documents
  • Read all utility meters in old and new place
  • Sign and save copies of Bill of Lading
  • Turn off all lights
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